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Thursday, November 17, 2005

All That Stuff

Holla. Transfering a gazillion files into a new puter is time consuming and really mostly unneccesary. I mean Do I really nead to know who bounced cheques in 1994? Or how many times the washers had to be fixed in 1997? I really need a new job . Now that I will have full time help coming within the next month or so , I think I'll go mad. Can you really go postal in a few person op?

So what will I do ? The stuff I'd like doesn't pay . Will someone pay me to watch hockey 24/7? Or to shop the same amount of time. I just know I have to get going.

Oh and all those folks who pooh poohed Marc Andre Fleury should have watched him stop Philly cold . 45 SOG . Now if that young-un can keep that up , he's got a future.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

only 24 hrs

I wish some days would have more. Like this place is getting ignored. I mean all that time waiting for hockey and no comments . You would think I'd be yattering on daily. I'm just stoked I can tune into NHL on the fly nightly.

So the Leafs are sucking. Bad luck with Mats , but then it's always freaking something. The one and only reason Tampa won the last year they played was that they were the healthiest team. Much as I love Joe and Gary and hated to see them go to Florida, I think Joe's playing days are over. Luckily Eddies back is holding. * spits on ground to avoid hex* I am much enjoying the kids playing. It's about time they started some new blood.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Stick to the Important Stuff

Biggest news of the hockey season ? Youppi gets traded from the Expos to the Habs. How cool is that ? How many mascots have been around 25 years and were designed by Jim Henson? In Montreal he should have always been a Habs fan anyway.

Big brother is done. Officially not til Tuesday, but once our dear Janey was turfed who is even watching?

October 5 , 7pm . Leafs vs Sens on TSN. I'm giddy. Hopefully the stupid CBC will get their act in gear before Saturday so Cherry & McLean can do their thing. One thing has been proved in the strike. No-one watches the CBC. Maybe that in itself will wake them up.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Anderson Cooper and WTF anyway?

I swear that my eyes are playing tricks on me. Are there really Americans on the shore of the US living like people in a third world country? WTF is going on? Thre

Rai Tre (the third channel of italian national broadcast company). Some running competition (don't know which, I was zapping): "Look at him! He is running on velvet. He is running as he would be Sylvester the cat!"

Now. It seemed to me that Sylvester wasn't know for his agility...

the cat!"

Now. It seemed to me that Sylvester wasn't know for his agility...

lust is my best friend. i love her with all my heart since because of her i started painting and writting.

maÿa cantú

Edited for
Most of this isn't my post. The first line then I haven't a clue how my post ended up this way. Censored because of my Bush can mobilize an army in Iraq , but his own citizens sit dying for a week?

Ya blew it Bush and the whole word was watching.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dog Days

Yup even the dog is bored. Of course the drive thru and ice caps are a great diversion.

I'm sure glad I'm nowhere near hurricane country though the remnants are tracking in a path directly over my head. We do need the rain. There all those lovely neighbourhoods under water. I hope mardi gras rises again . Good luck folks.

Darcy Tucker is reformed. See he always was my fave and I never used the term Sideshow Bob.

He just didn't have the hair.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Scenes better Here

Ah Heatley a Sen.

After battling back from his injuries it was just too much emotionally to drive past everyday where you had a part in killing your best friend. Dan Snyders family has forgiven so the rest of us have no place at all in standing in judgement. If Heatley returns from being a ghost player it could be magnifique for Ottawa. Good luck and I may just buy some tickets after all. I'll overcome my Hasek hatred to see him.

Why do people who are useless insist the people around them be useless? Just a thought.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Too Much Soup & Coffee

Waiting in the hospital. I mean there are sick folks here so why no real food? I have to say a great improvement on the last times I have had to do the emerg thing. Maybe the Mike Harris third world country medical care is finally coming to an end.

Teemu is back in the OC . Last time he was there they sucked. I wonder how different he will find it.

Oh and why the "drive thru" I was asked. Well because that's were I find myself at least once a day if not more. It makes me wise.

Link for the day - dingo http://www.hamsterwatch.com I hope the beotch that tried to steal your recaps is really embarrassed. The feeds are still cancelled as they drugged the BB hg's or something. All of a sudden it's happy fluffy bunnyland in there. WTF?